Hair extensions are methods of lengthening one's hair by incorporating artificial hair or natural hair collected from other individuals. These hair techniques are advanced and are used to change the hair drastically without looking unrealistic. Hair extensions are a wonderful way of providing instant length, fullness, and shine to your own hair.

At Bodyline you have the convenience of choosing any of the following methods of hair extensions suiting your individual need.

Keratin glue in hair extensions (strand by strand)
Glue in extensions are the most popular hair extension method. In this method of extension strands are glued to the original hair strands using the heat. These glue's are invisible and can be matched with the hair color and this gives a very natural look. But it requires utmost care as it is important to protect the glue in hair extensions from the heat as it may melt.
Sew in hair extensions
These are best suitable for those who requires more volume while safeguarding the actual hair compared to the glue extensions. These extensions are sewn to the original hair and blend well with them to look more natural.

Micro Ring Extensions
Links, Microlinks, Beads, Tubes, Rings, or Locks - Strand to Strand technique where the extension hair strand and your hair is put through a small tube which is then squeezed shut with a special tool in order to attach the extension to your hair.

Tape hair extensions
also called skin weft, is a relatively newer technique. Hair is held together by double transparent sided polyurethane tape. One piece of the tape is torn off and the weft is applied the scalp. The weft and the attached hair is pulled upwards and another weft is attached underneath. That way the client's hair section is surrounded by two wefts.