You will fall in love with your hair
Brand: DNA Hair Botox
Made in: Brazil
Hair Botox is a revolutionary treatment focuses on restoring lost protein into the hair, strand by strand from the root to the ends, each strand is left thick straight, shiny, soft, and malleable.

Hair Botox is specifically designed for dull, lifeless hair. Women are constantly seeking beautifully manageable hair and often over-process to create those results. Hair Botox contains a protein-rich formula which catapults nutrients into the damaged cortex of the shaft cuticles, and restores hair from the inside out.

Hair Botox creates a smoothing effect through a three-step process. First, the hair shaft cuticles are opened up with the hair shaft with the use of the clarifying shampoo. Next, Hair Botox's active ingredients use this open pathway to effectively penetrate the cuticle. Lastly, heat is used to fully activate and seal the ingredients into the hair, resulting in healthy, radiant, smooth hair.

100% formaldehyde free