Usually on this page of a website you read about how the business was created by beauty experts with millions of experience and zillions of beauty degrees and accolades but my story is short and simple .I am passionate self made woman with nerves of steel .I am post graduate in psychology with Human resource background with unwavering passion very remote to beauty industry as one can imagine, decided to logical down to earth business model, that incorporated a blend of hygiene, affordability , customer service and above all common sense. The result is not lot of money but swelling number of satisfied customers those cannot resist their eagerness to discuss about us in their social circles across the emirates. As a entrepreneur I strongly believe in :
- Open-mindedness
- The desire to be an expert
- A forward-looking approach
- A constant flow of ideas
- Will to take calculated risk
- Value relationship
- Strong self-belief
- A shameless self-promoter (without becoming obnoxious)

Disclosure :
All about the customer:
My business is not about the products or services that I sell. My business is not about the prices that I charge. My business is not about my competition and how to beat them. My business is all about my customers. After all, my customers are the people that will ultimately decide if my business goes boom or bust.